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Drop shaped padel rack

Time to choose a rack, choosing the shape of the rack is not always easy, but here are some explanations as to why a drop-shaped padel rack may or may not suit you.

Low balance

A drop-shaped padel rack generally has a medium or medium balance, unlike a round padel rack, which often has a low balance. On a round padel rack, the material is more evenly distributed, which lowers the balance. Its opposite pole is a diamond-shaped padel rack, the shape of a diamond-shaped padel rack can be compared to a triangle where the tip starts at the handle and then it gets wider the further you go out, which means that a lot of material ends up at the top and the balance is then high, a drop-shaped padel rack lies somewhere between these two models.

Depending on the player and rack, a drop-shaped padel rack can be perceived as heavy or light, often the slightly higher balance means that you get a little extra help/pressure in the strokes. Therefore, a drop-shaped padel rack often suits players who are more offensive in the game.

If you feel that you get tired during the game and can't bear to press throughout the match, this may be because the balance is a little too high for you and your playing style. People who suffer from tennis elbow should avoid playing with drop-shaped padel rackets and instead choose a round padel racket as this often means that you lose balance. However, it should be mentioned that the shape of the padel racket does not have to be directly connected with the balance of the padel racket.

Big sweet spot

The sweet spot on a drop-shaped padel rack can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. The sweet spot is the place on the racket where you hit the ball with maximum power and control. A larger sweetspot can be particularly beneficial for players who don't always hit the ball exactly in the middle of the racket. If you have a drop-shaped or diamond-shaped padel racket and feel that you sometimes get hits where the ball just dies, then it may be appropriate to look at a round padel racket.

Normally the sweet spot is smaller on a drop shaped padel rack but this can be affected by other factors as below.

Things that can affect the sweet spot are, in addition to the racket design, how much material the manufacturer chooses to place around the frame. In some cases, you choose to add extra carbon fiber around the frame to strengthen the frame, which can affect the hardness of the surface. How you choose to drill the holes is another thing that affects, the carbon fiber and the core become softer around the holes and if the hole formation is not evenly distributed over the surface, this in turn affects the sweet spot.

Who is a drop-shaped padel rack suitable for?

A drop-shaped padel rack is mainly recommended for intermediate or advanced padel players. The main reason for that is that beginners/ exercisers should often have a padel racket that is as easy to play as possible, in order to find their way into the sport and learn the technique. As an average or above, you have often found the technique which is part of counteracting tennis elbow, and that you have reached a sufficient level to start pressing in the strokes.

If you have an offensive style of play, a diamond-shaped or drop-shaped padel rack is often recommended, we at Vidar rarely recommend a purely diamond-shaped padel rack as few players maintain a high enough level for it to benefit one's game. Therefore, the choice should often be between a round padel rack or a drop-shaped padel rack.

Vidar offers a few different drop-shaped padel racks. All Elite models and Vantage models are drop-shaped padel racks. For those who want a lot of help from the racket, i.e. a core that bounces a lot, the Elite Air is a good option. For those who want a medium-advanced padel rack, the Vantage Pro S is a good option, because of its drop shape, the balance is relatively low and the sweet spot is also large.

Below are some FAQs:

The difference between a round padel rack and a drop-shaped padel rack?

A round padel rack generally has a longer balance and a larger sweet spot, this means that round padel racks are often easier to play and more suitable for players who like to control the game and thus the opponent.

Best drop-shaped padel racket?

Which padel rack suits you can be quite individual depending on your playing style. If you feel that the shape of a drop-shaped padel rack is right for you, the next step is to look at which core fits best, soft or hard. A recommendation from Vidar is the Vantage Pro S.

Which rack is suitable for beginners?

As a beginner, you should use a round padel rack, if you have questions about what shape you should have, please contact us at info@vidarofbastad.se.

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