Best paddle racket 2021

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Best paddle racket 2021

Here we map the best paddle racket 2021. The paddle sport continues to grow in the Swedish market and so does the hunt for the best paddle racket. In 2020, over one million courses were booked in Sweden, a gigantic increase from the meager 820 courses booked in 2014. The 2021 season is predicted to reach even higher heights in the sport and more and more courses are being built - but what is the best paddle racket in 2021? Here at Vidar of Båstad, we guide you in the racket jungle so that you too can reach higher heights this year. We are proud to offer you the best paddle racket 2021.


What is the best paddle racket 2021?

At Vidar of Båstad, we work with perfection without compromise. We strive for quality in every step and are incredibly proud of the racks we have developed. Our ambition is to produce the best paddle racket, no matter what level you are at. So if you are looking for the best paddle racket in 2021, you have come to the right place.

We believe that the best paddle racket 2021 is our oversize, drop-shaped paddle racket CC Elite. So what makes this the best paddle racket? 

In addition to the stylish design dating from the plains of Båstad, you will also find a wonderful harmony between power and control. Made with an 18K aluminum surface in combination with a medium-hard N-30 core, you get a racket in perfect symbiosis. According to our tests, the CC Elite is the best paddle racket in 2021 also due to the new, thinner frame. This increases your sweetspot and opens up for a more forgiving, accurate game, even further out towards the edges. CC Elite is the best paddle racket for you who are an average player and up. You get high power in combination with good control in front of the net. If you are looking for the best paddle racket best in test, CC Elite is for you.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for the best teardrop-shaped paddle racket, we offer another accurate alternative - CC Pro. This racket is recommended by both the independent player and Axel Holm on the Swedish Padel Tour. This is the best paddle racket for you who are a middle player and up. 

Made from the Swedish carbon fiber material 12K Textreme in combination with a slightly softer EVA 25 core, you get a medium-hard rack with high control. As an added feature, the CC Pro has rounded, almost aerodynamic edges that make the game fast and smooth. This is the best paddle racket for you who like to control the game in front of the net. 

Both of these exceptional racks are developed in Båstad and manufactured in Madrid - a winning concept for creating the best paddle rack in our opinion. At Vidar of Båstad, we work with quality rather than quantity, and each rack is made with unique care. It is also important for us to be at the forefront of the gentle racket in order to prevent injuries. For this reason, all our rackets are manufactured by hand in Spain by one of the world's oldest paddle rack manufacturers. This carefully selected manufacturer is known for producing the well-balanced racket which in turn remedies classic injuries such as tennis elbow. Powerful design with care is the recipe for the best paddle racket, quite simply.


Best paddle racket for beginners

Are you one of those who hooked on the paddle trend late? Or have you not really managed to get a grip on your game yet? We have the best paddle racket for beginners or for you who are primarily looking for a sense of security in your game. 

Vidar of Båstad CC Tour is the best paddle racket for you who need to get a grip on the game. A forgiving, round-shaped rack with a large hitting surface. This rack is made with an 8K carbon fiber surface and an N-25 core - this mix gives you a medium hard surface and a soft core, which makes the CC Tour a relatively soft rack. A softer rack is the best paddle rack for you who primarily need to learn to control the game. In addition to an advantageous softness, this racket has a larger hitting surface, which makes it the best paddle racket for slightly less experienced players. The larger hitting surface allows you to focus on the game with a clear conscience and become confident in your game, rather than trying to hit just right. 


Best paddle racket for experienced players

Are you looking for the best paddle racket for experienced players? We take design, quality and gameplay seriously. Therefore, we have spent a lot of time on the design of our racket and on finding just the right manufacturer. With us, you will find the best paddle racket 2021 for you who have played for a while and want to take your game to the next level. 

Our oversized, teardrop-shaped paddle rack CC Elite is specially developed for you at medium level and up. Best paddle racket best in test when it comes to perfect balance between control and power. With our rack CC Elite, we have also managed to produce the optimal gravity, which makes this the best paddle rack. The hard carbon fiber surface in combination with the medium hard core makes this a powerful rack for the player who wants to lift his game. Here you get an extended sweetspot and a better feeling over the entire face. Narrow, rounded edges make this a smooth and fast rack without compromising on power. 

At Vidar of Båstad, it's about you and your game. We have with great care produced padel racks that we consider to be the best. For us, paddle is about more than just sports. It is community, personal development, health and quality of life. This deserves a rack that lifts your game. Whether you are in the paddle hall every day or once every two weeks. We have worked hard to produce the best paddle racket. Now it's your turn to do the job. 

Vidar of Båstad - your journey, your game. 

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